Become a Certified Confidence Coach

Get your Confidence Coaching Certification from the original and only school specializing in the mastery of confidence. Learn the skills, the sales technique and the inner swag to create a coaching business of your dreams.

Next Cohort: Fall 2024

Open enrollment has begun, and registration for the next certification cohort is now open. Sign up now to secure your spot and make 2024 the year that you thrive in your coaching business, whether you are just launching or you are trying to scale. 

Weekly Trainings

Each week in the Certification Center you'll receive a new training module and weekly application homework. You'll learn coaching tools and business tools, all in one program. You can do the core learning modules at whatever time and pace work for you! 

Biweekly Q&A

Meet with Trish live biweekly as a group for Q&A and practical application based on the coaching module of the week. Get personalized hot-seat coaching and support from her. Can't make the live sessions? Don't worry, they'll all be recorded.

Community Forum

Connect with other cohort members and coaches and share ideas, ask questions and get feedback from Trish on the details of your biz. This forum is a great way to get support between live coaching sessions and to get live feedback on your business.

Mentorship from Trish

Receive genuine support from Trish on your vision, your niche, your coaching methodologies and guidance on how to scale. You'll get to post questions throughout the month, as well as get coached and supported live. Trish is invested in your coaching success. 

Trish Blackwell

Master Confidence Coach

Founder of The College of Confidence, host of The Confidence Podcast and industry expert in the activation of confidence.

The certification that will distinguish you from the rest.

This hands-on, six month program will equip you to have confidence in your business, in your coaching, and in your ability to create an impact.


What participants say about the program...

I can not emphasize enough how much this certification has transformed my life. 

Barb Flowers

-Life Coach for Educators

I completed Trish's Confidence Certification, and it had a profound impact on both my personal life and my business. This certification enabled me to put confidence-building habits into action, significantly boosting my self-assurance. Moreover, I gained valuable skills that allowed me to take the leap and turn my coaching practice into my full-time job.

The tools provided during the certification have been invaluable in my work with clients. I have a treasure trove of resources to draw from, enhancing my ability to support others effectively.

One of the highlights of the program was the camaraderie and support from fellow students in the cohort. I not only learned from them but also formed lasting friendships. We continue to stay in touch, providing each other with accountability and encouragement as we navigate our businesses and step outside our comfort zones.

I cannot emphasize enough how Trish's certification has transformed my life. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm grateful for the skills, confidence, and connections I've gained through this program.

This certification gave me the professional credibility and tools I was craving.

Marissa Knight

-Life coach for parents of neurodivergent kids

I have grown so much as an individual through this program.  I have also gained professional credibility as well as confidence in knowing what I am teaching I believe in!  Confidence truly can be taught and practiced and with the tools and strategies I have learned, I am excited to teach others and watch them reach their full potential. 

The course taught me strategies that can be implemented in daily life that will not only boost your confidence but help you believe in your full potential. This certification gave me the professional credibility I was craving.

The certification course taught me as a coach how to speak with other women by listening and guiding them to make the best decisions in their life.  I genuinely love seeing other women succeed and often women just need a fellow friend (coach) to cheer them along whole offering the right foundational principals and strategies. 

I feel like I have grown as a person and have learned so much!   I cannot wait to begin this coaching adventure and see where it leads me. 

The certification was a transformative experience.

Olivia L.

-Life coach for Moms

Participating in this certification program and engaging with Trish on a weekly basis has been a transformative experience. Through her guidance and expertise, my perspective on what is achievable, both in life and within the realm of establishing my own coaching business, has been greatly elevated and expanded. 

We dove deep into the tools of cultivating confidence, not only for our clients but also for the refinement of our own coaching practices. The program guided us through building a platform, engaging with our ideal client, creating our offer and consultation process, and more. I was also pleased with the level of back-end/behind the scenes type of business advice that Trish openly provides as well! Trish is an invaluable resource.

Gave me a clear map and confidence in myself and my ability to help others.

JAsmine j.

-Life coach for Hair Stylists and salon owners

Before I started the certification program, I had ZERO confidence in my capabilities as a coach and having taken this course it helped me to get a clear direction of WHAT and HOW I could help my clients. Now that I have completed the program, I can now say that I have CONFIDENCE in myself, in my coaching and in my ability to successfully help others.

Trish's program provided a clear map of the process I take my clients through and the confidence to know I am running my business in the most ethical way. 

Trish is an amazing leader and coach and never made it feel like any of the questions or concerns we had ever feel like a silly question. I highly suggest the certification for anyone who is looking to build a successful coaching business from the ground up! 

Why Choose This Certification

Trish Blackwell launched her Confidence Coaching Company Uncaged Confidence LLC in 2011 and is considered the forerunner of the confidence niche in the life coaching industry. She founded The College of Confidence in 2017 and has had over 6.5 million downloads of her top-ranked podcast The Confidence Podcast. Her study of confidence and creation of confidence tools is extensive in depth and her experience of building a business from scratch will give you the edge that you need to be successful in yours. She has sold over 1.5 million dollars of confidence coaching and will teach you how to build the coaching business of your dreams. It starts with this certification. 

Live Instruction

Learn Trish's proven coaching techniques and gain the rights to teach her tools within your own business. Every two weeks you will meet live with Trish and the other coaches certifying and learn and master the tools one by one.

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Peer Coaching

You won't just learn how to coach these techniques, you'll get to practice with other coaches who are in the certification process so you have confidence in your mastery before you market yourself to potential clients.

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Business Strategy

An important part of the certification process includes knowing how to confidently sell your services, how market to differentiate yourself and how to build your platform so that your business is always growing.

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Why Confidence Coaching

Confidence gives people the "it factor" in life.  It's a skill that can be taught, coached and strengthened. Confidence  enables individuals to take risks, make bold decisions, and pursue their goals with conviction. It also impacts how others perceive and respond to us, leading to increased opportunities and positive outcomes in both personal and professional realms.

Confidence Coaching is in high demand as a niche marketing in the Life Coaching Industry because it helps individuals overcome self-doubt and fear of failure, which can hold them back from achieving their goals. It equips and empowers people to believe in themselves and their abilities, allowing them to take on challenges with a positive mindset and a greater sense of self-assurance. Through confidence coaching, individuals can learn to develop resilience, bounce back from setbacks, and approach life with a sense of optimism and determination.

A confidence coach is a type of life coach who focuses on guiding individuals to overcome their self-doubts, shyness, fears, and negative self-perceptions, thus increasing their self-esteem and confidence. People often seek the help of a confidence coach to address specific concerns such as enhancing their self-esteem, overcoming insecurities, stepping out of their comfort zone, making significant life decisions, communicating more confidently with others, and improving their leadership skills.

As a Certified Confidence Coach...

Your own confidence will skyrocket, as will your ability to train and impart confidence to others. You can expect...

  • Get the confidence and training you crave to sharpen your coaching skills and your business marketing confidence
  • Connect with and network with other coaches like yourself who have a deep desire to create a positive impact in the world, and to make a great income at the same time
  • Be mentored and receive VIP support from Trish Blackwell, the original confidence coach in the confidence coaching field and receive personalized support and feedback on your coaching style, methodology, packages and marketing plan.

Who Can a Confidence Coach Help?

  • Individuals struggling with low self-esteem and self-doubt
  • Athletes or high performers looking to perform their best no matter the pressure
  • People who experience anxiety or fear in social situations
  • Those looking to improve their communication skills
  • Individuals who want to become more assertive in their personal or professional lives
  • People who feel stuck or unmotivated and need guidance to move forward
  • Individuals who are facing significant life changes or transitions
  • People seeking job or career advancement and professional development
  • Entrepreneurs growing their business, online presence and scaling their businesses

About Trish

With over a decade of experience in the coaching industry, I'm passionate about helping individuals overcome self-doubt and create epic lives worth telling a story about. When I'm not coaching or podcasting, you can find me exploring new languages, running through the great outdoors, or carving up the slopes on my snowboard. But most of all, I love spending time with my family and soaking up all the joy that life has to offer. I have made over $1.5 million dollars selling coaching and I am can't wait to equip you to learn how to do the same.

Your Investment

paid in full


8,997 $9,997

One payment in your coaching education that will carry you for years of success in your business.

10 monthly installments



Choose our affordable monthly payment plan spread out your investment into your budget over a period of 10 easy payments.

What to Expect Over Six Months

Here's a glimpse into our monthly syllabus and the certification process that will prepare you to have confidence in your coaching skills and in the financial future of your business.

Confidence Basics

Dive immediately into the study and mastery of The Pillars of Confidence, the Habits of Confidence and how to teach them to others in an effective way. This month is all about having confidence in your ability to teach confidence.

Coaching Basics

Learn, practice and master the core tenants of life coaching so that you can be a coach who guarantees your clients' results and gets resign after resign. This month is all about establishing your coaching methodology.

Niching Down 

If you're taking to everyone, you're talking to no-one. This month you'll learn how to narrow down your niche so that you can reach more people and sign clients with more ease.  This month is all about marketing and growth.

Believing in Your Coaching

It's easy to find yourself distracted and in the cycle of compare and despair in the coaching industry, but you won't fall into this trap any longer. This month is all about deepening your belief in your unique offer and the value that your offer.

Selling Coaching

You can be the best coach in the world, but if you can't sell with confidence, you won't have the clients or the reach you desire. This month is all about mastering the art of selling coaching, with confidence and ease so that you never have to feel anxiety about "finding clients" again.

Growing Your Business 

Without vision, we flounder, especially in building a business. Learn how to set specific business goals, how to manage your projections and how to stretch your comfort zone of business building and reaching more people. This month will launch your business to the next level of success. 

The Steps to A Successful Coaching Business

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1.

Sign Up to Be Certified.

Sign up for the certification program and be sure to be in the first cohort of 20 certifying coaches from The College of Confidence.

Step 2.

Spend 6 Amazing Months With Trish.

This is an education like no other. You'll get instruction, inspiration and support from both Trish and other coaches in your cohort.

Step 3.

Create the Business of Your Dreams.

This certification is unlike others in that it spends time specifically on the business growth and client acquisition side of growing your business. 

What You Can Expect After 6-Months

We specialize in confidence in every element of the word, and that includes in your certification process. Here's what to expect by the end of your certification journey: 

Confidence in Your Coaching Skills

Master your coaching skills, tools and become proficient in our proprietary confidence techniques so that you can teach and implement them with confidence in your own coaching practice. 

Confidence in Your Coaching Business Vision

You'll have clarity on how you want to niche your coaching business, how you want to use this certification to leverage your knowledge and you'll start to customize your own unique coaching methodology and protocols. 

Confidence in Your Coaching Value & Pricing

With our certification you'll learn how to think about your coaching packages and offers with specificity and clarity on the value you offer so that you sell with confidence and with consistency.  No more overthinking money or money-scarcity in your business - our coaches will know what it takes to create clients and grow a platform of influence.

Confidence in Your Next Steps

Our coaches will put together a 12-month business plan and vision to implement and execute post certification, including next-steps for marketing, growth and business management.

Brought to you by The Confidence Coaching Institute

01 Confidence Experts

The original organization dedicated specifically to the study of confidence.

02 Industry Leaders

Creating leaders in the confidence coaching field with the first official Confidence Coaching Certification.

03 Proven Methodologies

Proprietary and proven coaching methods that simplify the skill of teaching confidence.

04 Committed to Good

Our mission to help others do good in the world, using confidence to step into their God-given calling.


What If I Can't Attend Live?

Our weekly training session schedule will be released on a monthly basis, and while it's best to be able to make it live, all calls will be recorded so that you can watch at your convenience. The expectation is that you will watch the training and complete the weekly homework each week, otherwise you risk not receiving your certification on time at the end of the program.

What Is the weekly time commitment?

You should plan to spend 2 hours per week on this certification process. One hour spent live with Trish and other cohort participants, and one hour on your own studying, applying and processing the teaching. Some weeks you'll receive homework, other weeks you'll receive instruction for application and some weeks you'll be required to peer coach with your cohort participants.

What does the program include?

Our coaching certification program is a 6-month comprehensive program that includes live coaching sessions, workbooks, worksheets for client use, business coaching, sales training, strategy coaching on coaching niche and business growth, pricing help, customized feedback, and cohort support.

During the program, you will have access to live coaching sessions with experienced coaches who will guide you through the program's curriculum and provide valuable insights and feedback to help you develop your coaching skills. You will also receive a range of resources, including workbooks and worksheets that you can use with your clients to help them achieve their goals.

Our program also includes business coaching and sales training to help you develop the skills and strategies you need to build a successful coaching practice. We provide customized feedback to help you improve your coaching skills and develop your niche. We also offer cohort support to connect you with other like-minded coaches who are going through the program with you.

In summary, our coaching certification program provides you with the education, tools, and support you need to become a successful coach and build a thriving coaching practice.

Does this include 1:1 with Trish?

No, this program does not include 1:1 with Trish. However, you will have the opportunity to be live with Trish and get every question you have answered during the program. You'll be coaching live every week for 6-months in a small group setting with Trish, so you will get support on screen, and off within our group forum. This is a personalized and very supported experience.

What if I can my mind? Are there refunds?

Certainly, investing in a coaching certification is an investment in one's education, professional development, and future career opportunities. The decision to enroll in a coaching program should not be taken lightly and requires careful consideration.

At our program, we are committed to providing you with high-quality education and support to help you achieve your coaching goals. We offer comprehensive training, live sessions with experienced coaches, and valuable resources to help you succeed in your coaching career.

As such, we do not offer refunds for our coaching program. We believe that investing in your education and professional development is an investment in your future success. We encourage you to consider this decision carefully and make sure that this program aligns with your goals and aspirations before enrolling.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to support you and help you make an informed decision about your coaching journey.

Will there be a test?

Yes, there will be a test to complete the certification, and you will also be required to do 20 hours of peer coaching. We believe that testing and peer coaching are important components of the learning process, helping to solidify your knowledge and skills and ensure that you are fully prepared to launch or grow your coaching business with confidence.

We want our students to feel confident and prepared for the test, so we will provide study outlines to help guide your preparation. Additionally, you will have multiple opportunities to take the test if needed, so there's no need to be nervous.

We also understand that peer coaching can be challenging to set up and organize, so we will provide guidance and support to help you find opportunities for peer coaching. Our program is committed to ensuring that our students have all the resources and support they need to succeed in the coaching industry.

Overall, our Confidence Coaching Certification program is designed to provide a comprehensive and rigorous education in coaching, including testing and peer coaching to help our graduates build the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in their careers.

Why is this certification different?

Our Confidence Coaching Certification program is unique for several reasons. Firstly, our program is designed and led by Trish Blackwell, a highly respected coach and industry leader with over a decade of experience in coaching and personal development.

Our program is also one of the only coaching certification programs with a specialized focus on confidence, on rewiring the brain to develop a positive self-image and overcome self-doubt. We believe that building confidence is a critical component of personal and professional success, and our program provides a comprehensive approach to help our clients achieve that goal.

Furthermore, our program is founded on Christian Biblical principles, which sets us apart from many other coaching programs. We believe that faith and spirituality can play a significant role in personal growth and development, and our program incorporates those values into our coaching methodology.

Additionally, our program provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to coaching, focusing not only on building confidence but also on helping clients achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being. Our program includes live coaching sessions, business coaching, sales training, strategy coaching, pricing help, customized feedback, and cohort support, ensuring that our students have a well-rounded education and experience.

Finally, our program offers a unique focus on community and collaboration. We believe that coaching is not a solitary endeavor but rather a collaborative effort, and our program encourages students to connect with one another and build a supportive community of like-minded coaches.

Overall, our Confidence Coaching Certification program offers a comprehensive and unique approach to coaching, led by a highly respected industry leader and supported by ongoing resources and community collaboration.

How much support will I get?

You'll get as much as you need, and as much as you ask for. The group will have it's own certification forum, where you can ask questions and report back on your assignments throughout the week, plus you'll have a weekly group coaching session where you will connect with Trish as your lead instructor and have the opportunity to connect with other participants and share ideas. 

Do I need to already be certified as a life coach?

No, you don't, but if you already are certified, consider this an expansion on the training and expertise you already have. 

When does this start?

This live certification cohort starts August 1st, but spots will fill up fast, so save your spot now. 

What if I am on vacation one week?

We understand that life can get busy, and unexpected events can sometimes interfere with your ability to attend a live class session. 

In addition, all homework and coursework can be caught up on at any time that is most convenient for you. We understand that everyone's schedules can vary, so we offer the flexibility to work through the materials at your own pace.

While we encourage our students to attend all live sessions whenever possible, we understand that this may not always be feasible. That's why we offer a range of options for making up missed class sessions, such as attending a makeup session at a later date or working with your coach to catch up on any missed material.

If you have any concerns or questions about attendance or making up missed class sessions, please reach out to our team. We are here to support you and help you navigate any challenges that may arise during the program.

Will there be updates to the program?

In addition to the comprehensive coaching certification program, we are committed to providing ongoing support to our graduates. As a Certified Confidence Coach through our program, you will have access to updated coaching tools and resources that are created by Trish Blackwell, the founder of the College of Confidence, and her team.

We believe that staying up-to-date with the latest coaching tools and methodologies is critical to our coaches' success. As such, we are constantly developing new tools and resources that you can use to enhance your coaching skills and provide value to your clients. You will receive updated access to any new coaching tools that are created by Trish Blackwell and her team.

As a Certified Confidence Coach through our program, you will also have the right to teach and implement the methodology and coaching tools created by Trish Blackwell and the College of Confidence. This will enable you to help grow and scale your own coaching business and provide valuable services to your clients.

We are committed to supporting our graduates as they build successful coaching practices and make a positive impact on the lives of their clients. Our program provides a comprehensive foundation for your coaching journey, and our ongoing support and resources will help you continue to grow and evolve as a coach.

Get trained by the best.          Create the impact you dream of.

Become a Certified Confidence Coach through The College of Confidence and establish yourself as a leading expert in the field.